Our brass hang tag necklace can be personalized to commemorate a loved one, significant date, inside joke... the details are up to you.

Hand hammered and crafted in our studio in Los Angeles, California.
Because every pendant is individually handmade the landscape will be unique and vary slightly in design. Each necklace is one of a kind.
We embrace imperfections in the material and those that are a result of hand crafted pieces as it adds character and charm.

The pendant hang tag is made of polished brass.
Measures 7/8" (slightly smaller than a quarter in height).
14k gold filled cable chain.
Length of chain may be selected below.

Text Options
- Single Character (letters or number) / Font size will be 3.97mm
- Two to Three Characters (letters or number) / Font size will be 1.5mm

At check out please type in the text for your custom pendant.

All items are shipped in thoughtfully detailed packaging.
If this is a gift we can include a personal note. You may leave instructions at check out.
We also offer local delivery and international shipping upon request.
Larger quantities for events or gifts can also be arranged.
Please email contact(@) for more information about any of the above.