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Thank you for your interest in our Garden Design services. We are currently updating our website dedicated to Chaparral Studio Gardens. 

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Bianca & Maite

In the meantime a little about us...

Founded in 2012, Chaparral Studio Gardens is a landscape & plant design studio based in Los Angeles, California. We are a mother & daughter team. Maite is the mother & Bianca is the daughter.

Both of us designers who share a rich background in art, design and horticulture alongside a deep appreciation for natural environments as we often love to explore in the great outdoors.

Our design approach applies an imaginative & sustainable perspective to our client’s needs. We believe that the exterior landscape should be an extension of the interior. By way of plant selection, textures and spatial design we create environments that draw our client’s lifestyles outside.

No garden is the same as we are influenced by a site’s specificity. However Chaparral Studio Gardens is dedicated to sharing our knowledge and passion for native plants often pairing with drought tolerant exotics. We encourage methods that are healthy options for our earth and all living things.

Prior to committing solely to landscape design, we simultaneously did floral works and have had a great deal of experience with events, collaborations and more commercial projects that involved styling and art direction with plants. While we no longer offer floral design for events we do still create planted environments for all kinds of interior spaces. We have wonderful relationships with a great deal of local artists and vendors to seek out unique vessels. And while interior plants are not native, we have extensive knowledge and interest in sourcing plants that are not just gorgeous but will actually survive & thrive.

We are humbled yet delighted by the ever endless lessons, process and creative potential that gardens possess. Chaparral Studio Gardens is dedicated to sharing our passion, knowledge and further exploring the possibilities with our clients and collaborators.