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But before you do read this...

Our custom caves make lovely gifts couples or anyone with a sense of humor.  Your cave can be a portrait but it can also portray a favorite hobby or 5 happening at the same time. We can reference an inside joke. Or include your family, yes even the pets.


Each miniature is handcrafted. Although they are tiny there is large amount of work that goes into each project!  Depending on the details and the studio schedule your custom order will take roughly 2-5 weeks to make (sometimes more!). If you specify a deadline I will aim for completion on that date although again this will be determined by various elements so flexibility is much appreciated. Please read all of the information below to make sure the process is smooth sailing and so that I may answer any questions or address any of your specific needs. 

To see examples of previously made miniatures & caves visit: 

First Steps

Below are some questions to get us started. Please answer the questions about your personalized cave. You will be providing me with all the details you would like to be included in your cave. You will also need to let me know when you need this by, if it is a gift, a shipping address etc.

Note: I do not come up with the concept, the process is collaborative - you will need to steer me to your vision of the “scene” that I will make it come to life.

Questions to get us started!

Who will be depicted in the cave? Please describe each individual(s) both human and or animal (hair & skin color, body type, do they wear glasses etc.)

Please send photos along with the descriptions. If they have an instagram account that is helpful too!

Do you have a scene in mind? A body position? A theme or narrative? Do you want any other props in the cave? Ex. beer bottles, books, guitar etc. We can make just about anything. Almost.

Do you want the figures nude or dressed? If dressed what are they wearing?

I have geodes in smaller sizes ranging from 2.5" wide to 3.5" and larger geodes at 5" +. Generally the more details or elements you desire in your miniatures the bigger the geode. Say you want to have more than 2 people - a larger size is better suited for this amount. I will be the one selecting the geode once I know the “scene” being portrayed.  So you will not get a photo of geodes to choose from. You will need to “trust me”. However if you have a strong desire towards a geode that is smaller or larger, more sparkle, no sparkle more organic etc. you may pass along that information and I can see what I have available and tailor your estimate to those notes.

Is this a gift being sent directly to the gift recipient? Would you like a personal note included? If so what would you like the note to say?

Shipping or delivery?

We are based in Los Angeles, California. Keep in mind that shipping in some cases is less expensive but takes a little longer to arrive at its destination. 

Where does this need to be delivered or mailed to?  Please provide the following information:



Is the address above residential or commercial?

If this is a local delivery what is the phone number? Is there a time window for delivery / or business hours?

Do you have a deadline in mind for this piece?

Next steps

Once I have received your responses to my questions we can fine tune the “scene” via email and determine what can be made. An estimate of cost and time will also be provided.

When you have approved the idea you want to move forward with I will need to know a few things about your payment and shipping before sending an invoice...


I require the full estimated amount prior to shipping the final piece. 

You can either pay the full amount + shipping up front  - OR - A 50% deposit can be made to secure your order and the remaining amount plus the shipping cost can be paid when you receive my email letting you know your cave is ready to ship. I will need to know which option you’d like to go with prior to making your invoice!

You got your invoice, you have made a payment, here is what is next...

I will begin the process of making your cave. I do not provide any sketches or mock ups. I operate on a “trust me” method. This means that by taking into consideration the agreed concept, the images and information provided you will have to allow me to make your piece to the best of my abilities. An open mind is much appreciated! A lot of love is poured into each piece with careful consideration to every element! The miniatures are HO scale (3.5 mm or 0.1378 in) so details are not going to be perfect. This is part of their charm! 

I will send you an email updating you on your caves eta. I appreciate your patience as these are made solely by me and we have lots going on here in the studio! Your order is a priority and will be made with much care!

When your cave is ready to go out an email will be sent. If you still need to make a payment a reminder will be sent to you so that we may collect this amount this prior to shipping / delivery. If you want to see a photo of the piece before it is shipped give me a heads up so that I can plan for it.

Note: If any additions and / or some changes are made to the agreed concept after the estimate has been provided keep in mind the cost may differ from the original estimate. Any additional costs per changes will be emailed to you. Changes will also affect the timeline of the estimated date of completion. You have 12 hours after seeing the photo(s) to make these changes. Following those 12 hours we will be sending the piece out for delivery if your full payment has been received even if we have not received a confirmation from you. However it is much appreciated to hear back from you to make sure we are all set to go!


Your cave will be gift wrapped and includes a letterpress card of authenticity that is signed and dated by myself. If you have any special instructions about the gift wrap or require a note to your gift recipient let me know in advance.

For orders that require shipping an email with tracking information will be sent. For local deliveries a confirmation will be sent.

Please feel free to share photos of your custom caves and tag us! It really makes me smile to see your photos out in the world and I often will repost and / or share your images tagging you right back! As a small business these gestures have a huge impact and are very much appreciated!

Thank you! We appreciate your support and are happy to answer any questions you may have!