YOU ARE A GEM Quartz Crystal

$20.00 - $25.00

Clear quartz is said to eliminate energy blockages helping you seek mindful clarity and focus. Its prismatic abilities and undeniable beauty make it easy to understand why it is has been referred to as the “perfect jewel”.

We hand pick each unique quartz crystal, lovingly place them in a cloth bag that serves a message and a reminder to those who possess the stone that the most magical part of the crystal is the person in possession of it. YOU ARE A GEM!
A marker of love, manifestation, of unknowns. Whatever the moment in time, this stone holds the power to emphasize your individual narrative by way of what you project into it!

Quartz crystal cluster or point.
Each stone is unique in size, weight, texture and shape.
Therefore the one you receive will be a surprise!

Includes a 100% cotton drawstring bag hand stamped with the message:

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