DONT TREAD ON ME California Poppies Sticker

$3.00 - $8.50

A reinterpretation of the historical Gadsen flag, our DONT TREAD ON ME design instead features poppies, the California State flowers, in place of the coiled rattlesnake ready to strike.
Native plants are a precious part of our eco system! While the beauty of these blooms are appreciated by many, their delicate environments are often abused when folks don’t stay on the trail.
This illustration is our reminder to all that we must be careful where we step and to encourage conservation of our beloved flora!

Glossy sticker measures 3"x5".
Suitable as a bumper sticker on your vehicle or anywhere you wanna stick it!
Features an image of the California Poppy.
Made in the USA.
Weatherproof, designed for both indoor & outdoor application.

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