Show off your Golden State pride with our California Native patch!
Chaparral Studio founder & artist - Bianca is a proud Cali native and designed this patch shortly after an inspiring homeland dirt road adventure in a super bloom of native poppy flower hills.

This round patch measures 3.5” in diameter.

The back of the patch does not have any adhesive therefore it is easy to sew on or can be applied using various methods such as iron transfer paper or velcro. They can be applied to customize denim jackets or jeans, backpacks, hats, tote bags or wherever you desire.

We would love to see where you feature your patch. Please be sure to tag us or share your photos with us. Often times we will feature your posts.

All items are shipped in thoughtfully detailed packaging.
If this is a gift we can include a personal note. You may leave instructions at check out.
We also offer local delivery and international shipping upon request.
Larger quantities for events or gifts can also be arranged.
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Plant Nerd Fun Fact: The official state flower, also known as Eschscholzia californica is actually considered to be a weed on land used for agriculture. Yet they are a welcomed weed because the presence of poppies indicates that the soil is fertile and able to support growth. Their seeds have an incredible life span which some cases poppy seeds will remain active in soil for up to 8 years!